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Welcome you on my new website

I’m very excited to welcome you on my new website. As you can see there’s a lot changed. And there’s much more on the way. Take your time to look around.

At the moment I’m working on the second album. And I hope to release it around summer 2008. More info coming. The live set also got a couple of decent updates for more live control and action. Playing a lot of new tracks, more extra sounds and loops, synthlines, … to keep it short: more live action! You can also check the first track of my new sideproject: boulvard it’s a very different style. I hope you like it.

Feel free to leave a comment and hope to see you soon!!! Grtz & beatz Bitkit

Born out of a consistent need to play and create music, 1 (Gunther or Gunne Wyckmans, ‘82), started as a youngster, classically trained in instruments such as trumpet and piano. Obsessed with rhythms, he soon started hitting the drums and even taught himself to play djembé. Being frustrated by only having two hands and seeking to play “the whole orchestra” in a matter of speaking, he started to compose electronic music. His true calling actually manifested 2 years later when he discovered psy-trance; it was “love at first sound!”

While being a DJ and playing other’s productions, he started to create his own music. His broad musical education & experience made him progress rapidly ; no need to tell that the numerous studio-hours with his longtime friends from Lani and their experience made him progress even faster; especially at the production-level. No surprise that soon after he signed up at the « Kairos« -label he released his first track “Logical” on 12” vinyl, which also became the title track from his upcoming full-CD.

His music might be best described as roaring, powerful full-on trance, a combination of pumping, original basslines and a deadly accurate kick. Stuffed with crispy, fresh psychedelic anthems you get a mindblowing soundscape blasting from the speakers which will leave the dancefloor begging for more!

Ever since the birth of his highly acclaimed debut full-album “Logical” in 2007, he received massive support from all corners of the globe from other musicians, bands, producers and even from sport brands and and online gift retailers and has thrown many magical live-gigs all around Europe, the Azores islands and Thailand. Meanwhile he still finds the time to tune up his synth’s &equalizers, always in search for fresh psychedelic tunes. His lasting urge to optimize his studio expertise made this creative mind evolve to another level of production, exploring all corners of the musical universe. This evolution led to the creation of a new full album, called “Necessary Illusions” released in 2009 on the “Naturall Productions”-label. Filled with fresh, pounding tracks in an even more mature, personal sound… in a Naturall way!

Also while travelling through the universe of sounds , Gunther bumped onto Lindsay Benoodt, a musical elf experienced in many kinds of musical genres. This bump leads us to Bitkit’s side project called Boulvard, a funky/groovy/dubby/d’nb/trance-dance-project where Lindsay writes and sings while Gunther provides the tick’s and the click’s.

His production is top-notch, and made it to one of that year’s most pleasant surprises in the psychedelic music scene, mesmerising enchanted dancers and music lovers all over the world…

Boulvard is the coöperation between Gunther Wyckmans and Lindsay Benoodt and other guest muscians and singers. We started Boulvardend 2007 making our first tracks together and now the first results are ready. We try to bring a mix of many gernes, from jazz to funk, drum ‘n bas to dance and trance,… we love to mix it up!

Lindsay Benoodt does the vocals and lyrics, I do the musicwriting, recording and mixing. Below you can find some of Lindsay’s backgroundinformation: My background can be found right above 😉

Dance, theatre and music. Free lance dance teacher for several organizations en schools. Performances and studio work in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. 1998-2002 Arcade Music Company Project Kippenvel: radio and tv performances 2004-2007 Singer with El nesjda (ska-reggae,pop/jazz sounds) Lani (trance), Deville (electronic music) and The band Monk (funky-groovy sounds)

So hope you gonna like our music, comments are very welcome Gunther & Lindsay Boulvard

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